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Your Heart's A Bird Without The Wings To Fly
Hello World

Hello World


Why Create It

Learning must be persevering. This principle is very simple, but it is difficult to do.

There are many things to learn in operation and maintenance, which will lead to a little bit of everything, but everything is not proficient.

This is also one of the reasons why I created this blog. I need to record it so that I can find it at the time.

This is different from taking notes, and it will be more memorable, to commemorate my bit by bit in this industry!

Website Introduction

This website mainly records three points, namely learning, life, and lover.

I classify work as learning, because what I learn in the process of work is the most direct and practical! At least I think so!

Life is what happens every day. I don’t know how to express it in words, so I will express it in photos and videos. This is not bad too! Isn’t it?

Good things should be shared with others,my girlfriend Duffy, is a very nice girl, I like her very much. So here, She can’t be absent.

“mustn’t fritter away youth,remorse will be in vain when my hair grows grey.”

— fei.yue